Tired of empty self-help success strategies and the do more gospel being taught instead of the New Covenant message of grace? Maybe religion has just made you feel confused or angry before so you’ve stayed away from anything to do with events, a gathering or a community?  We have too. At Religion Free Movement, we realize the negative effect some religious communities and teaching can have on an individual and how that can affect your outlook on life. So….

“Are you ready to rest?” Jesus is asking each of us this question. We may not realize it, but His Spirit invites us, moment by moment, to find solace in Him alone. This is not easy, at first, because of religion. It’s only a matter of time before religion is no longer attractive and relationship is what we long to enjoy. Christianity is not a religion. It’s a restful relationship with the Spirit of the risen Son of God, Jesus Christ.

The dark side of the Cross is the shadow of Christ, that was religion. Join us on the lighter side through relationship with Jesus, and rest! With Religion Free Movement you can take off the mask and rest in the finished work of Jesus and what He has done for you and to you as a believer. We can’t wait to meet you!