Why & Vision

Though there are a massive number of gatherings that exist in the world, we believe that a new movement is necessary for the following reasons:

  • The world is ripened for a New Covenant-centered grace movement to thrive through embracing and engaging its diversity for the sake of Gospel-reconciliation to God and to one another. This movement will be based on the personality of Jesus, not our leaders! We believe His church doesn’t need a revival, it’s not dead and never will be, it’s in need of mind renewal!
  • We intentionally seek to be a trans-cultural movement. If we want to be “trans-cultural” it means that we will have to go beyond our own gender, generation and cultures in order to become a new entity. This entity reflects our identity in Christ, as children of God first and foremost above our own earthly cultures, genders, and generation. This does not mean that we have to give up our cultures or differences, God created us differently for a reason. We celebrate our differences! But it does mean that we will go beyond them. It means that we have to be willing to understand and engage people who may think differently or look different from us. It truly has to be a love-of-another kind, a Jesus kind that comes from Him living in and through us, and unite under His banner.
  • The spiritual climate that Paul and the other Apostles stepped into is not all that different from the world His Church faces today. We are looking for men and women of God who are willing to combine gifting, not foregoing their New Covenant based church they attend or their own ministries, but able to see the vision of what this could be if we truly had a culture of brother and sisterhood, with everyone standing side by side in unity

    Our vision is to connect New Covenant believers, those marginalized and on the fringes and those just curious about Jesus through:

    • Events
    • FB group
    • Recommending established New Covenant grace gatherings
    • Standing beside and assisting new organic small groups, activity groups and gatherings in the US and internationally
    • Promoting those with ministries, podcasts, books, movies, documentaries etc. that share the New Covenant grace message